Seawall Construction

Seawall Construction

Solid seawall construction is a vital defense against the relentless power of the ocean currents, tides and storms. A properly designed and built seawall will protect your property for many years. Deciding which seawall contractor can seem difficult at first. Where do you start, what qualifications are you looking for and more. Fortunately you have made it here and all us at DSI Marine Construction are ready to help you.  We use only the highest grade materials hire most skilled labor in our seawall construction. Wind, surf and tides are just a few of the major factors that can take their tolls on seawalls, resulting in the erosion of your land. Because physical characteristics differ from every waterfront property, we take all factors into consideration when it comes to design and installation of your seawall. If you are curious as to what factors we consider when designing, please read through the information below.

Varying water levels

Water levels can range from flood levels to low pools in saltwater waterways from Marco Island up through Charlotte County. Understanding the varying water levels can help provide us with the necessary information to prevent erosion.

Elevation and slope of your property to the shoreline

Because every waterfront property has a different elevation and slope, its soil composition is, in turn, different. This means the soil could either be more or less likely to erosion. We inspect and evaluate all aspects of your soil composition to best approach your properties’ unique features.

Intended use of your shoreline

Every customer has different intentions and vision on how they are going to use their seawall. This could quite different for a property Naples and one in Cape Coral. Will there be structures, boat lifts, decks or other use requiring special design or materials. After consulting with you we will customized our design to reflect the most appropriate specifications based on your requirements.

Your budget

This may or not be important to you. However this does become a factor on the plans for the property. Simply replacing or rebuilding a seawall in order to be able to sell the property. Perhaps you just bought the property and want to expand and customize your waterfront property, budget may not be a factor in your decision. be the most important factor. Our experts can work around almost any budget to give you exactly what you desire. Big or small, we have a design in mind for you.
Our other services include, but are not limited to deck construction, dock building, and boat lifts. We not only build seawalls from the ground up, we also redesign and resurface current seawalls. If you are wondering about the integrity of your current seawall, give us a call and we will be glad to inspect the seawall.

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