Platform Boat Lifts – Jet Skis, Kayaks and More!

Platform Boat Lifts

Ideal for PWC, Kayaks & More!

Platform boat lifts can be ideal lifts for personal watercraft, like jet-skis, as well as kayaks and even submarines! A platform boat lift, or a deck lift is just as it sounds, a deck that can be submerged. These deck lifts can be installed using a traditional for 4 post piling installation or elevator boat lift set up. If you have personal water craft or kayaks and trying to used other lifts for floating docks, you know first hand how difficult and sometimes unsafe they can be. With a platform boat lift you can have total access on all sides of your craft. You can safely enter and exit the water and spend more time enjoying the water than ever before. Our decks are designed to be non slip and Eco-Friendly actually allow light through the decking so that sea life is not disturbed and sea grass and other plants can continue to grow. Platform or deck boat lifts are capable of lifting between 1,500 pounds and 10,000 pounds. Each platform boat lift is custom designed for each location including materials, size and installation methods. All motors and hardware used for our boat lifts are engineered and designed to work in harsh saltwater conditions. As a dealer for both Neptune Boat Lifts and Golden Boat Lifts you can be confident that your boat lift will last for years. Complete our online request form or give us a call today to get a free consultation so that we can help you pick out and customize your boat lift to protect your boat.

Check out how these platform boat lifts look and how we have set them up for some customers.

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