Boat Lifts

Which Boat Lift Is Right For You?

Once you decide to own a boat, the next consideration, is how are you going to store your boat. The ideal way here in Southwest Florida is with a boat lift. The style or type of lift you choose isn’t just based on looks or cost. In fact there are many factors which lead to the type of boat lift you might need, or will work for your property and boat. No need to worry! Our experts will discuss options and which lifts may work for you. If you want to learn a little more about boat lifts and how they work, look through the info below. If you want to see some pictures of boat lifts we have and can install you can always go to our gallery.

4 Post Boat Lifts

4 post boat lifts are one of the more popular and widely used boat lifts. This lift will cradle your boat between 4 pilings. (Read More)

Elevator Boat Lifts

Elevator boat lifts are designed for locations where a traditional 4 post boat lift does not work. Sometimes the location makes it impossible to use pilings, perhaps due to water traffic or location. (Read More)

Platform Boat Lifts

Platform boat lifts can be ideal lifts for personal watercraft, like jet-skis, as well as kayaks and even submarines! A platform boat lift, or a deck lift is just as it sounds, a deck that can be submerged. (Read More)

Commercial Marina and Condominium Boat Lifts

DSI Marine Construction has the experience and knowledge to help your community with installing, repairing or replacing boat lifts in your community or commercial marina. (Read More)

Low Profile Beamless Boat Lifts

Looking for a discreet alternative to the traditional piling boat lifts? Beamless 4 post boat lifts do not require the top cross beam. This installation results in a much cleaner look. (Read More)

Custom Yacht Boat Lifts

Your yacht deserves special treatment. Your yacht will require a special lift in order to properly and safely lift it out of the water. Both elevator boat lifts (link) and traditional piling post lifts (link) are available to lift yachts between 27,000 pounds ups to 72,000 pounds. (Read More)