Boat Dock Inspection Request

Is Your Boat Dock Safe?

Boat dock inspection is not an option. If you are buying a home or property which already has an existing boat dock, you need to have it inspected by a professional with experience and a trained eye. A home inspector may visually look at the dock and note a few loose deck boards. They do not however, have the experience to accurately give you a report about the structure and safety.

Our Boat Dock Inspection

Our boat dock inspection report will help you to decide if repairs or replacement is needed to your dock, lift and seawall. Don’t get caught by surprise, give DSI Marine Construction a call today, or complete the form below. Once we receive your request we will work with you to schedule an inspection at a time convenient for you. Then we will visit and inspect your dock, deck and pilings. We have seen a few bad pilings over the years. After we inspect, please allow a day or two for us to prepare the inspection report for you. We will then email you the full report for you to review. There is a small charge for our inspection services. If you prefer to talk to us to answer any questions you might have, please give our office a call during regular business hours.