Deciding On The Perfect Boat

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Perhaps you have owned many boats you know the perfect boat for you. Many people move to Florida as part of their retirement or living out a life long dream. When moving to Florida on a permanent basis there are many factors you need to consider. Can you handle the heat? What will I do during hurricanes? What kind of boat should a I get and how will I store it. With decades of experience here in Southwest Florida we are going to share some information that we have learned over the years that may help you make some decisions.

What To Do On The Boat?

There are many options when it comes to owning a boat in Florida. We have backwater, bays, back bays, open water, blue water, fresh water, salt water and harbors. You need to ask yourself how you plan to use your boat. Perhaps you plan to do lots of fishing, water skiing, cruising or overnight trips. Once you decide how you are going to use your new boat you can then start to work on the type that might work best for you. While its not practical for most people to have multiple boats, it is good to choose a boat that you can do several things you love from.

Where Do I Want To Go With My Boat?

This question is best answered after you decide what you want to do on your boat. Here in Southwest Florida the gulf waters and harbors are quite different for boating that on the East coast of Florida. For instance, if you want to do fishing in the back waters and salt flats looking for large snook and redfish, you will want a boat that draws little water and has a powerful enough motor for the all important hole shot to get you up and plane and out of the shallow waters. Other equipment you might want to consider include jack plates for your motor, trolling motors and shallow water anchors. On the other hand, if you want to take your boat and fish reefs and wrecks in the Gulf you’ll want to have a boat that is capable of handling the large swells off shore and be comfortable to spend the day out on the boat.

Storing Your Boat at a Marina, Trailer or a Lift?

Sometimes this is answered by the type and size of the boat. If you plan to purchase a fishing boat for the bay and flat water of the harbor, you may decide on a trailer. Trailering your boat allows you to explore many new fishing grounds without having to spend the extra hours on the water getting to the new location. You might also find trailering your boat is helpful when it comes to protecting your boat during hurricanes and tropical storms. Then again, if you own waterfront property, there really isn’t a better way to enjoy your boat than having it always ready on a lift. If you decide to go the lift route please give us a call. There are many options out there so you want to make sure you get the right lift not only for your boat but also for the water and conditions.

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