Naples Florida Seawalls

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Seawalls allows people to build house where they probably shouldn’t be built in the first place. What do we mean? Seawalls are designed to protect land erosion from the effects of waves and tides along coastal water. By securing the land and protecting it we can build houses closer to the edge of the water than ever before. Here is Naples Florida there are miles and miles of waterfront protected by seawalls. What exactly is a seawall and how long do they normally last here in Naples?

Choosing the Right Seawall in Naples Florida

Each property is unique and therefore the seawall needs to be designed to help protect the property. Some of the items reviewed by our experts are wave action, wind velocity, tides, boat traffic and sea life. Depending on the use of your property a seawall may not be best. Rocks or varying sizes can be used to build a protective barrier. This barrier sometime called rip-rap, helps to break up the power of the waves and tide lessoning the impacts of erosion. A seawall a vertical structure that is anchored in the ground at the bottom of the wall and tied and anchored back into the land behind the wall. A concrete cap is usually installed on the top of the seawall allowing safe access to docks, decks and boats that may be moored or stored on a lift next to the wall. Next lets see what seawall is best for Naples Florida.

Are Vinyl Seawalls The Best?

Traditionally seawalls were made out of concrete panels. While we still install these types of seawalls, there is a better one available, vinyl. The benefits to vinyl seawalls is less cost than concrete wall. More importantly our vinyl seawalls we install in Naples carry a 50 YEAR WARRANTY. This means that your next seawall more than likely is the last one your property will ever need. Functionally a vinyl seawall is just as strong and and even protect better due to the ability for a ridged design helping to reduce wave and tide action. For those of you that care more about looks, well there is no doubt that vinyl is the hands down winner. The vinyl is easy to clean and comes in various colors and styles. This allows you to match your home or property for that flawless look that your neighbors will envy.

DSI Marine Construction through our DockSavers Company, has been building seawalls and docks for over 40 years and are recognized as the local leaders in our industry. Give us a call or complete our online estimate request today.

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