Learn About Paddle Boarding

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You will notice when you look through our gallery or read about the services we offer that it’s not all about boats. We help homeowners build custom docks, decks and lifts for boats, jet skis, kayaks and even paddle boards. No doubt you have seen these people out on the their boards at sunrise and sunset seemingly floating on the water. If you are not familiar with paddle boarding we have put this article together just for you!

What is Paddle Boarding?

Paddle boarding or SUP, short for Stand Up Paddle is relatively new in the commercial sense. In reality people have been standing up in canoes or on rafts for hundreds of years as they fish and navigate inland waters. The last 10 or so years, a number of manufactures make boards specifically designed for stand up paddling. These surf boards and large, very stable on the water and surprisingly light. Some of the largest and best brands include YOLO Board, Isle Boards and BOTE Paddle Boards. When you are on the board you control the board with a single oar or paddle that is usually adjustable in length. This allows paddlers of different heights to be able to comfortably paddle the board.

What Are The Features Of The Paddle Board?

On average paddle board are between 10-14 feet in length and weigh approximately 30 lbs. Some are heavier and some lighter depending on the manufacture and the material the board is made out of. Your board will also have a replace able fin or two. This fin helps you track straighter in the water. You need to be careful in shallow water to make sure you don’t accidentally break the fin. Don’t worry it can be replaced if this happens. Your board will also have a leash. This will connect to your board and to your ankle. This is long enough to allow you to easily swim while attached. This prevents your board from floating away from you leaving you to swim after the board. You should always be wearing a life jacket regardless of your skill level. There are many types of acceptable life jackets available that will keep you safe, and stay out of your way when you are out paddling on the water.

Anything Else About Paddle Boarding?

Always remember sunscreen and sunglasses. When on the water the sun is more intense as you are also exposed to reflected rays of sun off the water. You should also consider taking a waterproof camera. Paddle boarding is very quiet and many times you will find that you can get much closer to animals which lends to great photographs. Paddle boards are lightweight and very easy to transport on your car, or throw them on your boat to explore some new areas your boat can’t get to.

See you on the water!

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