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Floating Docks Should I Get One?

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Before we can answer that question, first consider why docks are build and how we help you decide what is best for your use and property. The reason many of us moved to Florida was to enjoy the weather and be out on the water. Docking a boat at your house is very convenient. It allows you, your family and friends to enjoy the water anytime that is convenient. Deciding on how to dock or store your boat requires some thought. Let’s review some factors which may help you to decide if a floating dock is right for you.

Very Large and Very Small Boats

If your boat is able to be docked into a boat lift, and lifted out of the water a floating dock may not be of much use. In this case you can load the boat and everyone can board before the boat is dropped in to the water. On the other hand if you have a large boat that stays in the water all the time a floating dock might be the right option. As the tides rise and fall, sometimes as much as 2 or more feet a traditional dock may often be at the wrong height. This can make is difficult and more dangerous for entering and exiting the boat. With a floating dock platform, and possibly gangways, these will all adjust with the tides. DSI’s experience also allows us to build hybrid docks that allows portions to stay firmly anchored while other areas float and adjust.

Very small boats like kayaks, rowboats, paddle boards and more require close to the surface access for safe entry. Again a platform boat lift or a floating dock gives you this flexibility while reducing possibly injury if a dock is too high if the tide is low.

Commercial Floating Docks

DSI is also Southwest Florida’s largest and most experienced marine construction company with loads of experience in commercial properties. In a commercial setting, floating docks and gangways can allow your community or public marina to remain ADA compliant. Those that are confined to wheelchairs can still have the same access. These ramps and floating docks will be designed to move with the tide giving everyone equal access.

Floating docks can also be used seasonally as well. If you need extra dock space in season, we can help you design and install these as well. Giving you access even on a temporary basis. Some floating dock configurations can be use for boat maintenance as well. Really the options and uses are unlimited. Give us a call or complete our free consultation request to discuss your needs and share some options that will work for you. We look forward to working with you!

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