What is the Best Boat Lift?

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Owning a boat is an exciting adventure. If you are new to boating, you feel like a whole new world is open to you as you explore the open water. If you have owned boats for years, you love the freedom and tranquility that can be enjoyed on the water. When you own a boat you suddenly have an entirely new set of requirements, terminology and skills that you need to work on. Taking care of your boat, keeping it serviced and safely stored is one of these requirements. So how do you safely store your boat? Are boat lifts an option for you? And more importantly, how do you begin to decide which boat lift is best for you?

Ways to Safely Store Your Boat

In Southwest Florida where we live and build boat docks and lifts, the water and access to it can lead to some challenges with storing your boat. Leaving your boat floating in the water for an extended period of time can lead to staining, barnacles, and even flooding. So how you can you safely store your boat? Depending on the size of the boat you have several options available. If your boat is able to be pulled from the water on a trailer, you may simply keep your boat safely stored this way. If you do not live directly on the water, and at the same time you don’t want to drag your boat around every time you want to go on the water, you may want to consider a dry dock at the local marina. With a simple call they can move your boat from dry storage to the water and it will be waiting for you when you arrive. Some marina’s will also wash your boat and flush your motors when you return from a day on the water.

Living on the water definitely has some benefits including the wonderful scenery and here on the west coast of Florida some really beautiful sunsets. You may have noticed that your neighbors have boat lifts of all different sizes and styles. Storing your boat at your house an a lift is a great way to keep your boat clean and easily accessible anytime you feel like taking the boat out. Lifts can also make it easier for cleaning your boat, load and unloading and keeping your boat safe during bad weather as well. So how do you even start to consider which type of boat lift is right for you?

What is the best boat lift?

Sure you can search online and read all kinds of information about lifts and what may or may not be available to you. The best decision you will make is to call DSI Marine or complete our online estimate request. We will set up a time that is convenient for you to discuss options that are available. The size of your boat, or you boat in the future may factor into your decision. Depending where your property is located, we need to consider the depth of the waterway and the amount of room available and needed to safely navigate your boat into the lift. How much you boat weighs determines the size of the motors and support beams as well. So the answer is really different for each boat owner.  Reach out to us and we will give you real options and prices to help protect your boat and keep your family safe before and after each day spent on the water!