Loading Your Boat Lift in 3 Steps

In Boating Tips by dsimarine.com

Everyone wants to be a professional and look like they know what they are doing. The reality is we all have to start and learn at some point. If you are new to boating or new to loading your boat onto a boat lift, we have some suggestions for you. In fact, we have 3 tips to help you load your boat safely, quickly and without damaging your boat. Lets get started!

Step 1 – Be observant

This is true anytime you are on the water, especially when unloading and loading your boat. You should be aware of the tide, and where the tide will be when you return. This is important as you will want to make sure your bunks are in a position allowing you to float onto your lift. Bunks are the supports that rest on the bottom of your boat picking it up out of the water. As you approach your boat lift notice the current, wind and other boat traffic. Understanding these will help you to slowly make the right approach to your boat lift.

Step 2 – All about alignment

If you find you are at the wrong angle or speed, simply stop back up and try again. There is no need to try to force your boat onto the lift and possibly cause damage. When you are aligned and floating onto your lift make sure you are moving at a speed comfortable to you. Make sure your passengers keep their hands off the sides of the boat while you load the boat. Having a hand crushed between the boat and the dock or lift can cause serious problems. When you have your boat lift built by DSI Marine, we will instruct you on how your boat should be aligned on the lift.

Balancing the load

Once your boat is on the lift, the next step is to turn the lift on, moving your boat up out of the water. Balancing the boat is also important. You don’t want too much weight on the back or front of the lift making it unstable. Again, when we build your lift we will also show you how to make sure your boat is properly balanced. In most cases it safest to keep our passengers on your boat until the boat is securely stored. With this in mind, while the boat is lifting out of the water make sure your passengers are not all standing on one side of the boat, or the front or back. Weight of the people unevenly spread out could cause the boat to load and lift at an angle.

All lifts are not the same and while the overall way to lift the boat is similar, you need to be familiar with your boat lift. Give DSI Marine a call today or complete our free estimate request and we can help you make sure your current lift is in good shape or which boat lift if best if you want to add one. Remember not all boat lifts are the same, so if you change boats, please check with us to make sure your new boat can be safely stored on your boat lift.