What is a Seawall?

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The short answer comes directly from the word, it’s a wall built to hold back the sea. Ok, so not always or only the sea. Seawalls, can be used on canals, golf courses, ponds, lakes, rivers and more. Seawalls are engineered for the specific use they will be used. If you live on the water, you have probably seen plenty of them. If you are moving to a waterfront property for the first time, you may have some questions regarding seawalls, their use, how they are built and required maintenance. DSI Marine construction is the largest and most qualified builder of seawalls in all of Southwest Florida. We engineer and build from Marco Island down south up through Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Boca Grande and more. Lets take a minute and answer some questions about seawalls.

When are Seawalls Used?

Seawalls are used to protect land from the effects, the energy of moving water. This can be natural wave action of the ocean, tide movements and even waves caused by water traffic such as boats. If a seawall is not in place, this water energy will slowly erode the land and shore. If there are structures close to the water, the land could even become unstable and unsafe. Seawalls are engineered to help break up and dissipate the wave action. Seawalls can be a vertical wall or even large rocks piled up to protect the land. Determining which seawall type should be used is left up to the engineers. They will look at a number a factors to determine which options are available, and the benefits of each.

What are Seawalls Built With?

Generally, here in Florida, vertical or wall type seawalls are made of concrete. There are a number of other options available that include the use of aluminum, fiberglass composite and even vinyl. What is best for protecting your house here in Naples, may be different than what is needed in Boca Grande for instance. Our engineers will again explain construction options and the benefits of each option.

Do Seawalls Require Maintenance?

No. Do they need periodic inspection…yes. Seawalls are designed to last for years, but they can become damaged or their integrity compromised several different ways. Anytime your property is subject to a powerful storm such as a hurricane, its probably a good idea to have it checked out. Always do your own visual inspection throughout the year. If you notice something out of the ordinary or a change, such as a crack appearing or a seam changing height or spacing, you should probably get it checked out. If we notice a problem early on, sometimes these can be remedied without replacement. Just like all things around your house, preventative maintenance is cheaper than replacement.

Who Builds Seawalls?

DSI Marine construction is one of the best in the area. We are not just saying that because you are reading our blog, we really do have the experience. Read our reviews, give us a call, complete the DSI online estimate request and then compare our estimates to others you get. Make sure you compare all the same items. If you have any questions, ask us. Seawalls are a big investment and you certainly want to make sure your investments lasts year after year. Most importantly you want to feel comfortable knowing your property and your family is safe even during the roughest weather.