Jet Ski Lifts

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When you own jet skis, you want to be on the water as much as possible. Loading and unloading your jet skis on a trailer then driving them to and from the water takes a lot of time. If you are fortunate to have a nice place on the water, one of the benefits is being able to eliminate this time of dragging a trailer around.

Here in Southwest Florida many homes in Marco Island, Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Punta Gorda have enough room to place more than one boat lift. Have you thought about adding a boat lift specifically for your jet skis or personal water craft (PWC)?

Types of Jet Ski Lifts

If you have a boat lift or have spent a little time looking at ones around your waterway you may have notice that there are several different types of boat lifts people have built. The reason there is so many types of boat lifts is because there are many different types of boats. Sailboats, center console, skiff, cruiser, sportfish and more. Since the come in all lengths and sizes, the boat lift has to be designed to work with it. Same is true when it comes to installing a boat lift for your jet skis. If you have a lift already, most likely we can re-engineer the lift to work with your jet skis. Again, there are options to consider. If you look through our jet ski gallery, you will see some of the styles of lifts we have installed. One of the more popular lifts are the deck or platform style lift. These lifts allow you and your passengers to easily get on and off the jet skis safely. No doubt safety for you and your family is of utmost importance. When you contact DSI Marine, we will look over your needs and your craft to suggest the best possible solution. We can also set up your plat forms for other water craft like kayaks and paddle boards.

Benefits of Having a Jet Ski Lift

As we mentioned at the beginning, not having to tow your jet skis saves time. You also don’t want to leave your jet skis floating in the water either. Leaving them in the water will mean you will have to clean them more often and keeping the bottoms and motors free from debris. While none of us want to consider our neighborhoods unsafe, boats and jet skis left floating in the water become easy targets for thieves that can simply tow these away. By storing your jet skis and boats on a lift, you can make them more difficult to steal, they stay much cleaner and easier to enjoy.

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