Boat Piling Repairs

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The reason most of us moved to Florida is to live on the water. We may have boat lifts, docks or piers even on our property. Many of these structures use wooden pilings to support the structure. Let’s look at some questions that we are often asked about pilings and what can be done to help reduce costs in the future.

Do Dock Pilings Need Maintenance?

Dock pilings are generally made out of wood. Over time just about every structure will need some kind of maintenance or repair. Pilings on your deck or boat lift is no exception. Since these wood pilings are in the water and sunk in to the ground how would you even do any maintenance. The key here is to call a company that specializes in piling repair. With millions of pilings here in Florida alone, you can understand how a company can specialize in one item. We suggest reaching out and contacting Docksavers. They will inspect your pilings above and below the waterline. Unfortunately marine wood borers have a voracious appetite and will destroy your pilings. It doesn’t matter if your house is on Marco Island to the south or Cape Coral to the north, these marine organisms will damage your pilings. By having them regularly inspected you can avoid dangerous situations where boats fall off lifts, docks collapse or piers fall apart during a storm.

Can Pilings be Repaired?

This is a tricky question that really has to be answered on an individual basis. If damage is caught early there are a number of options available. The great part is that repairing the pilings is up to 70% cheaper than replacement and can usually get you 15-20 extra years of life out of your pilings. This method of repairing the piling is called the Formapile Piling Repair System. There is no downtime for your boat lift and this method has been used since 1965 and has saved literally millions of pilings.

How Can My Pilings Last Longer?

If you are building a new dock, pier or lift with DSI, we will give you options to help protect your pilings from the beginning. The pilings can be wrapped and protected with some really cool products that keep your pilings safe from the marine borers. In the years past wood pilings we soaked with various chemicals to help and protect the wood from both the water and the organisms in the water. Unfortunately, these pilings would then leach poison into the water harming fish and other wildlife unnecessarily. In recent years methods of protecting the pilings are safer for the environment and actually protect better than the chemical methods of the past.

DSI Marine builds docks, decks, piers, seawalls and more all over Southwest Florida. We are the area’s largest and most experienced company. Give us a call or complete our online free estimate form for any of your repair needs, including inspecting, repairing and replacing any pilings. Our family looks forward to getting to know you.